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Powering a next-gen digital experience through niche technologies that helps you stay ahead of the crowd.
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Leveraging Subject Matter Expertise to respond to unprecedented challenges within your domain.
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Taking global enterprises to their digital destinations through our vast range of innovative products and solutions.
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High-quality, scalable and bespoke services that are disruptive, transformational and can meet futuristic demands of your enterprise.
90% Repeat Business
70% Business referrals from clients
1800+ Projects
500+ Clients
Technology Expertise
While shuttling between complex business processes and technology driven disruptions in your workspace, your enterprise needs to be proficient with various tools & technologies. Our Technology specialists assist you to address this challenge by offering our well-rounded technology proficiency and help in minimizing your risks.
9000+ Salesforce trailhead badges with 30+ Rangers
90% OEM Certified professionals
SE: 3B CRISIL rating
Domain Expertise
To succeed in the new and ever-changing Digital Economy, organizations MUST constantly innovate to continue to be leaders in their respective domains. Domain Expertise of our Subject Matter Experts assists you to have a focused & concise discussion to address your specific problems.
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Empowering those Who Empower the Community
Governance Complexities Simplified
Spearheading Healthcare with Innovation
Greater Avenues for Seamless Learning Experience
Faster Deals, Better Projects, Happier Clients
Giving Wings to Your Business
Demystifying Financial Complexities through Smart Solutions
Enable, Empower, Engage…
Transforming Enterprise for the Digital World
Non-Profit Projects 120+
Our IP 10
Projects within Cost 95%
P roducts & S olutions
Looking for a knowledge-driven approach to a better experience as a customer? Or a consulting partner that understands your business to the tee and builds the right solutions? Welcome to Eternus Solutions!
Ultra Field History Tracker
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Ultra Schema Builder
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Service Offerings
Our well defined service offerings support your business requirements by leveraging on specialized teams in a focused way. Be it Product Development or custom development, data migration or integration, these specialized teams ensure that you get the most out of your engagement with Eternus Solutions.
Eternus Solutions serves as an Offshore Delivery Center of choice for many of our global clients, leveraging best practices, methodologies and technologies for easy deployment of solutions. Our consulting services, coupled with our vast expertise in various domains, enables us to serve our clients to unprecedented levels of productivity and cost savings.
Eternus Solutions’ Portals and Collaboration services enable enterprises to implement web portals that provide employees, partners and customers with a single, unified access into the information and systems.
At Eternus Solutions, we understand the increasing importance of having integrated, unified and accurate data across all your systems. We provide data migration and integration services that increase the productivity of your employees, improve efficiency and drive greater end-user satisfaction.
Global Enterprises are increasingly looking to differentiate themselves through the quality of the experience they offer to their customers. As customers go digital, we at Eternus Solutions create Digital Experiences that result in increased customer engagement, customer loyalty and advocacy.
Eternus Solutions recognizes the important link between quality customer service and business success. Our customization services help meet your unique needs and better leverage your existing infrastructure. Our implementation services are designed to help you focus on delivering information to your users, and not worry about IT related set-up issues.
Global organizations use packaged application suites to address their specific business needs. Eternus Solutions’ experiences and expertise takes the guesswork out of planning, building and operating enterprise application solutions, enabling enterprises to focus on their core business. Eternus Solutions’ methodologies and domain expertise has significantly reduced the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for several enterprises.
Implementation is just the beginning of your technology enablement journey. Timely support from experienced administrators can significantly increase your user adoption and help you maximize your investments.
We are a world leader in high-end Product Engineering services and have developed niche products on Salesforce, Microsoft, Google and Open Source technologies. With a focus on Cloud, Social, Analytics, Mobility and IoT, we are a key partner to our clients, helping them bring fantastic and innovative products to market with success.
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90% Repeat Business
70% Business referrals from clients
1450+ Projects
450+ Clients
Technology Expertise
View Success Stories
Domain Expertise
Education & e-Learning
Public Media
Real Estate
Salesforce Trailhead Badges with 30+ Rangers
90% OEM Certified professionals
SE: 3B
CRISIL rating
P roducts & S olutions
Looking for a knowledge-driven approach to a better experience as a customer? Or a consulting partner that understands your business to the tee and builds the right solutions? Welcome to Eternus Solutions!
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Enterprise Application Development
Administration, Support & Testing Services
Outsourced Product Engineering
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Enterprise Portals & Collaboration
Digital Transformation
Non-Profit Projects
Our IP
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