November 28, 2019

5 Whys for High Velocity Sales

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” Yes, it’s rightly said that if you connect with maturing prospects at the right time, the probability of them getting converted to opportunities is high.

Many organizations, especially the ones that sell high-value goods and services understand the importance of timing and thus are investing more in a new sales model called inside sales. It enables organizations to handle high touch transactions remotely and involves multiple touchpoints. Inside sales representatives work in teams and cooperate with managers and marketers in order to convert leads into customers.

Keeping this in mind, Salesforce has introduced a High Velocity tool that boosts inside sales performance and encourages them to efficiently reach the best leads, intelligently convert these leads, and create new opportunities in one seamless workspace.

Below are the top 5 whys for having High Velocity sales in your Organization –

Overcome challenges in Sales Process

  • Helps to overcome 3 main challenges in the Sales process – bringing new sales recruits up to speed, ensuring quality and consistency of sales processes, and closing deals.
  • Gives the ability to create Sales Cadence which could fit any sales process, enabling a personalized treatment to each prospect.
  • Includes a sequence of sales outreach activities like email, automatic follow up task after a certain interval, phone call, call scripts, personalized email templates and conditional switch between different activities.

Organized daily targets

  • Helps to show a prioritized list of emails, calls, and tasks which makes inside sales’ day smoother.
  • Builds a strong pipeline and helps reps to tackle their own list of one-off activities from My List.
  • Can segregate items as per different categories.

Reach right prospect at right time

  • Helps to engage prospects at the right time and with the right method.
  • Helps in prioritizing the best leads using Einstein Lead scoring. Uses history data for converted leads and gives information like which leads are likely to get converted.
  • Access the best leads in a list view, record detail page and work queues. 

Capture Prospect Communication

  • Helps to sync events and emails to record from Microsoft or Google account using Einstein Activity Capture.
  • Removes the headache of syncing and logging the manual activities.
  • With Lightning Dialer, sales reps can make inbound and outbound calls with the native tool.

All in One Place

  1. Removes overhead of switching between multiple screens.
  2. Sales reps get to interact with prospects in one screen where they can call, email and prioritize their schedule.
Fig: High Velocity Sales

Written by Harshala Shewale, Senior Technical Lead at Eternus Solutions

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