November 10, 2020

Best Desk For Work From Home

Wooooo..!!! I won that.

Working from home!!!! The concept itself has its own pros and cons. It does give you the chance to be at your comfort zone at the same time it’s challenging to create a room where you can work comfortably and productively, isn’t it? It offers many advantages, including the flexibility of setting your own schedule, saving time and money by eliminating your daily commute. But being successful in your home office requires creating a space that promotes efficiency in a non-traditional work environment. Here’s my perspective on how you can create your best WFH environment that inspires you to jump on to your work and boost your productivity.

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Sitting arrangement

WFH means working alone without tea/coffee breaks with co-workers leading to sitting at one place the whole day. Choosing the right desk/chair where you can keep moving that gives your body the utmost comfort is very important. Choose a table & chair which is movable. Sometimes I prefer to stand and work which helps my body to relax. I would like to mention that you must use external keyboard and mouse because generally in-build keyboard won’t give you that ease of working. Having Bluetooth accessories will eliminate the extra burden on managing wires from your subconscious mind.

Privacy & Distraction

One must have their own working corner to avoid all the distraction. If more than 1 person is sharing a single space, try to set up a rod/curtain as a privacy divider. I belief, to work in a complete open space where family members are moving, takes a little hidden attention and distracts you. So, try to maintain privacy at your workspace, but keep in mind your workspace should not be like an isolated room which is packed from all the sides. Adding a point for the same below.

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Location & View

A good view is very important when you are working for 8 or more hours from the same place. I would suggest choosing a location with an open view. Good view always keeps your mood cheerful but of course that must not be a distraction. If you are living at some height so that is not a challenge for you. Otherwise take a view that offers you a peaceful environment outside.

Appropriate lights

Prefer natural light for your workspace. So of course, if you are working near an open space you will get that.. My reading says people spending their day in natural sunlight rather than a bulb or tube lights, can have more sound sleep comparatively. That helps you to make your body more energetic every day. But yes, if you are not getting that, use appropriate lightnings to relax your eyes.

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Add some green to beautify

I never believed it, but it’s true…fresh plants refresh your mood instantly.

A cute cactus plant keeps smiling to me all day and I am loving it. Just go for that and feel the change. An artificial plant may also work. At least that will add beauty to your desk.. A pretty object like a picture frame or a soft toy or just a simple show piece on your desk is also in the recommendation.

Handy refreshment

I am a big fan of fresh and natural fruit juice To eat or drink something plays a major role in your proactive state. Beverages play a major role in your proactive state. Choose your own and keep having in between. But by eating on desk I don’t mean to avoid lunch breaks at all.

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Breaks are needed

Working continuously all day does not mean you were productive. Take a lunch break, short snack break, tea break. Try to meditate and divert your mind from work so in next session you can start with full enthusiasm. After every 3-4 hours work session, I used to take a walk break for at least 5 mins.

Moving is necessary again to avoid the tiredness and to reset your mind. Moreover, I would suggest when you start your workday don’t make a practice of Bed-To-Desk that makes our job tedious. Start your day with a short morning walk To summarize you are your own office manager now. So, command yourself wisely to make each day productive and stress free. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy WFH !!!

Written by
Miral Maradia
Tech Lead at Eternus Solutions


  • Ankit Maradia says:

    Helpful 👍

  • Kajal Singh says:

    Mindful Article with practical approach.

  • Diksha Sisodia says:

    A must read article for all. Thanks Miral for sharing your experience and detailing us with some WFH tips 🙂


    Very useful insight provided here with current unique new normal age. Thanks Meral for sharing such useful information.

  • Sneha says:

    Very thoughtful and informative and easy to follow tips.Thank you for sharing it.

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