Eternus Solutions is a proud Platinum Consulting Partner of Salesforce

After years of unparalleled growth and success of, any concerns about cloud computing at an enterprise scale have been all but eliminated. In the early years, Salesforce was implemented at the departmental level and endorsed by a line of business stakeholders on the basis of its ease of use and ease of configuration, often without the need for and at times against the wishes of their IT counterparts. The early concerns by IT focused on topics of data security, system uptime, and performance at scale.

After years of proof points removing the concerns above, the transformation of departmental solutions to enterprise standards, and the pressure to minimize IT overhead, there has never been a better time to embrace solutions and innovation technologies of for any next generation enterprise application. The success of 3rd party application built exclusively on the Salesforce1 platform has given our customers the confidence to embrace this technology as the foundation for future Commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions and in-house development. While built their initial reputation and success on the use of the product specific to Sales Force Automation (SFA), their continued investments in development and innovation have provided a foundation that is now used across the enterprise in thousands of unique business scenarios well beyond SFA.

Eternus Solutions has been working with enterprise systems and technologies for over 8+ years, solving mission critical business problems leveraging the most appropriate technology and solutions available according to each specific customer’s needs and state of readiness. In close collaboration with our customers, we act as trusted partners to assist them in managing this migration to cloud capabilities in order to optimize business performance and IT efficiencies.

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