Know Our Founders
Jitendra Tanna
President & CEO
As President & CEO, Jitendra brings more than 25 years of global experience in Information Technology & business consulting and entrepreneurship. Proficient in strategy formalization, planning, and implementations, Jitendra has demonstrated success in setting up and managing overall Consulting Service businesses. Jitendra has been a founder director for Rapidigm India which became Fujitsu Consulting India, and worked as their VP for 10 Years in India in multiple strategic roles, leading multi-year engagements for various Fortune 500 companies, both in the US and other parts of the world.
Having more than 22+ years of experience in IT, Shreyas has tremendous experience encompassing various aspects of managing Enterprise level IT systems and solutions. Starting off with End-User IT experience in Banking and Financial Services Domain, he graduated to Product Development & Implementation. After having experienced the Product Development Lifecycle in Depth, the next logical move was to take on the IT Services experience. 10+ years of IT Services experience helped him understand the nuances of managing global IT Services business as a Practice Director. Today, he is working on the path-breaking niche technologies at Eternus Solutions, a name to reckon with in the Industry vis-a-vis cloud technology, Digital Transformation, and Business Solutions. Year-On-Year exponential growth is the de-facto standard for the company today under his leadership.
Shreyas Merchant
Executive Vice-President & COO