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What if you need your case papers for an injury you sustained two years ago? What if your kid needs urgent medical attention while you are away at work? What if you lose your MRI scan? What if you do not remember the drug you were deemed allergic to? What if you are new to the locality and need urgent medical attention? What if your mother needs home nursing care but you can’t find one?

These are common issues we face every day. Despite technology advancement, our healthcare remains largely neglected. We still need to get in long queues for taking a doctor’s appointment, then run to get the prescribed medicines from one place, run the lab tests at another, come back to collect them, get in queues again to take an appointment for the follow up and the cycle continues!

We thought of ways to provide simple and easy access to healthcare. is our people-empowering, society-driven initiative to help people live healthier, longer and better.

India’s first of its kind, is a cloud-based comprehensive and innovative Healthcare solution for Doctors, Patients and other Healthcare providers, thus bringing the entire healthcare ecosystem on a single, unified, robust platform.

JustAarogyam has the following people-empowering features:
  • Find A Doctor: Quickly search for doctors, chemists, diagnostics centres and more in the vicinity
  • Book An Appointment: Now fix your appointments with your doctor yourself through a simple UI
  • Manage Health Records Online: Go paperless! Store & share allergies, past medical records, case papers and prescriptions
  • Healthcare at Your Door-step: Get medicines, diagnostic results and lab tests done from the comfort of your home!
  • Discounted Services: Pay less for more! Get medicines, lab tests, x-rays and more at discounted rates through affiliated healthcare providers.
  • Automated Alerts: Your health is our priority! Get SMS and Email notifications and alerts and stay tuned wherever you are.
  • Monitor vitals using smart devices: Use JustAarogyam with your smart devices and keep a closer check on your vitals on the go!
  • Trending health: Track vitals such as blood pressure & heart rate and monitor trends over time
  • 24X7 Access to ecosystem: Stay connected with healthcare providers all the time
  • Your data is secure: Now share your data with only those who you choose
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App: All these features in an easy-to-use mobile app. Life just got simpler and faster!


As a Salesforce professional, have you ever thought how cool would it be to create the data model in your Salesforce org through your excel templates and Gliffy and Lucidchart diagrams? Well, it is a reality now! UltraSchemaBuilder is a native utility that facilitates Salesforce users to create Salesforce objects, custom fields and custom relationships within your Salesforce org through 3 main avenues:

  • MS Excel Workbook
  • Gliffy Diagrams
  • Lucidchart Diagrams

UltraSchemaBuilder drastically reduces the number of user clicks and the overall time required to create the entire data model from hours to minutes! Depending upon the product purchase license, it provides the following features that the Salesforce Users can leverage:

  • Creation of custom Salesforce objects, fields and relationships by importing a Microsoft Excel Workbook
  • Creation of custom Salesforce objects, fields and relationships by importing a Gliffy diagram
  • Creation of custom Salesforce objects, fields and relationships by importing a Lucidchart diagram
  • Ability to preview custom objects, fields and relationships before data model creation
  • View and delete custom Salesforce objects, fields and relationships
  • Manage and use UltraSchemaBuilder leaderboard.
  • Ability to port the existing Salesforce schema from one Salesforce Org to another
  • Manage Salesforce User import preferences using an intuitive user interface
UltraSchemaBuilder is available here.


It is significant that Salesforce architects, developers and administrators know the test code coverage of the development done in salesforce. There are a lot of implications for installing and uninstalling a software if the percentage code coverage is not adequate. Salesforce developers and administrators constantly need to check and maintain the code coverage for their part of the development, often having to monitor the code coverage against the no. of tests run for the entire application or in parts.

UltraTest for Salesforce is a test automation tool that enables Salesforce professionals to selectively execute the test classes, view and analyze test execution, save selection, schedule executions and configure email notification to receive execution results. UltraTest is an easy-to-use, productivity tool that addresses the need for automatically executing specific or all test classes for the org in a scheduled mode and produce summary reports.

Key features of UltraTest include:

  • Get email notification of the execution status along with the results
  • Constantly monitor the test code coverage against no. of test runs
  • History of execution is maintained for analysis at class level
  • Download results to Excel with the click of a button!
  • Visual representation of the testing trend to quickly analyze the results
  • Nothing to configure. 100% Native Application. Just install and go!
UltraTest is available here!


It is quite useful to understand an existing Salesforce Org during a Salesforce consulting assignment, in order to compare two objects and figure out their schema differences for data mapping, migration, documentation and many such everyday development, implementation and integration situations.

UltraComparePro is an easy-to-use, highly productive tool that can be used by all Salesforce professionals alike for extracting and comparing objects metadata across different salesforce orgs, which facilitates quick and detailed comparison of objects across orgs to nail down the exact differences and produce comparison reports.

Key features of UltraComparePro include:

  • Quick comparison of two orgs at object level attributes
  • Select 2 objects from different orgs and compare their schema with the differences highlighted.
  • Download results to Excel with the click of a button!
  • Visual representation of the comparison to quickly analyze the result.
  • Nothing to configure. 100% Native Application. Just install and go!
UltraComparePro is available here!


Every enterprise follows a certain protocol to manage their employees, organizational policies, collaboration and Content Management and needs a central, comprehensive enterprise solution in order to fulfill these requirements in an optimized and efficient manner.

LinkUp is an online solution for enterprises who want to provide their employees a controlled and process-driven mechanism to manage their corporate data, implementing processes and policies in an efficient and streamlined manner. LinkUp is user friendly and quite easy to maintain, consisting of features that can be configured and improvised as per the requirements of an enterprise:

  • Employee Timesheet Management
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Employee Appraisal Management
  • Document Management
  • HRMS – Employee Management
  • Project & Client Management
  • Reports
    • Attendance Report
    • Timesheet Report
  • Email Notifications
  • Conference Room Booking
  • Expenditure Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Biometric Integration
  • User Profile Management
  • Miscellaneous
    • Announcements
    • Advertisements
    • Events
    • Blogs
    • Dashboard
    • Notifications
    • Survey
    • Certification and Training

Additionally, LinkUp provides a robust authentication and authorization mechanism, with a role-based access to the respective functionality. Every action in the LinkUp system with multiple levels of workflow is designed to send email notification with the status and progress update.