MS SharePoint – e-Governance – Application Development – Success Story


Client Overview

  • Client is an UK-based government entity that works for increasing employment for the citizens

  • Client has an existing job portal which registers users and employment agencies and executes programs for individuals that help him acquire blue and white-collared jobs

Business Challenge

  • Client needed to build a entrepreneurship portal where unemployed citizens and mentors/advisors could register alike and collaborate to start a business together

  • The portal would empower users/mentors/advisors to interact with each other, build and collaborate business plans, seek and resolve queries, get approvals and work together on entrepreneurship endeavors

  • For the purpose of this entrepreneurship portal, the client needed the installation of a huge infrastructure, for which they sought an experienced and cost-effective vendor to assist them in this process

Technical Requirements

  • 84 core machines

  • 3.5 petabyte storage

  • 100% redundancy

  • 17 servers

  • 2 Active Directories

  • 2 external web front-ends

  • 2 internal web front-ends

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Complete fail-over environment

  • Network Load Balancer

  • SMTP

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013

  • Microsoft Exchange Server

  • High availability infrastructure

  • Power-shell based infrastructure

  • Multiple firewall configuration

  • Multi-lingual site structure

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business requirements and worked with the client to implement a new entrepreneurship portal based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with Microsoft Exchange Server

  • The system required a form-based Windows authentication

  • The system required three different environments: development, test and production

  • The team worked on the sizing and design of installation and configuration requirements of a large-scale SharePoint farm

  • Eternus Solutions team developed and delivered the complete application as per the client’s requirement

Solution Components

  • Sizing and design of installation and configuration requirements of a large-scale SharePoint farm

  • Development of entrepreneurship portal as per the requirements

  • Workflows and approvals to submit, collaborate and approve business plans

  • 3.5 petabyte storage to cater to huge storage demands

  • Integration with external systems

  • External user registration

  • Ability to upload file attachments

  • Document management system

  • Single sign on

Development Methodology

  • Development on developer sandbox

  • Evaluate and cover requirements using out of the box features

  • SRS and design documents to start building any new components

  • Design and development of workflows

  • Extensive usage of custom web parts, features and solutions

  • Infrastructure installation and configuration, and application development using Microsoft standards and best practices

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