Google – IT – Application Development – Success Story

Client Overview

  • Client is a UK-based IT services and solutions provider that works extensively in the area of cloud computing to transform businesses and their services

  • Client has engaged Eternus Solutions to develop various collaborative and productivity applications on the Google platform

Business Challenge

  • Client wanted to build an extension that worked over the Chrome browser and functioned as a search tool for its users, providing all related help documentation based on the query string

  • This extension would work on the Google Chrome browser and would search the current directory of the user, searching all the Google apps and services within the client domain package and providing all help documentation to the user

Technical Requirements

  • Google App Engine

  • BigQuery

  • Javascript

  • Python

  • HTML

  • JSON

  • Google API

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business requirements and worked with the client to develop an extension on the Google platform that worked on the Chrome web browser

  • The team assisted the client team in the synthesis of its business requirement, design and solution approach

  • Eternus Solutions team recommended that the client save all the data in the JSON format. When a user would query for a particular app within the client domain package, in case of a match, the extension would provide links to the required data which are stored in the JSON format

  • Eternus Solutions’ responsibilities included deploying the Chrome extension on client’s Google infrastructure, from where it would be made available to its users through a dedicated package

Solution Components

  • Chrome Extension: Design and development of the chrome-based extension to work as a search tool for the users to assist them with any documentation on the apps within the client’s domain package

  • User Tracking: Ability to track and maintain user’s browsing history for storing information on what information has the user searched for using the extension

  • Multi-lingual capability: Supports all languages used within the apps of the domain package. The application can be enhanced to support additional languages supported by Google.

  • Context-based Search: The chrome extension returns search results based on the current directory of the logged in user

  • Google API was used to support chart and dashboard components of the apps within the package

Development Methodology

  • Custom Development on developer sandbox

  • Evaluate and cover requirements using out of the box features, wherever possible

  • SRS and design documents to start building any new components

  • App deployment on client’s Google infrastructure

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