Drupal – Travel – Smartphone Application – Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a US based Travel service provider, focused to provide safe, secure, timely and cost effective chauffeur services to drive customer’s car from source to destination location and to hire the driver by an hour on rent.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop a web based Chauffeur Service Smartphone Application to provide a convenient chauffeur service to the customers and to empower the customers to use chauffeur services more easily.

The objectives of the project were as listed below:

  • Develop Smartphone Application with the following functionalities:

  • An overview of scheduled and booked chauffeur service for customer

  • An overview of assigned customers and floater trips for driver

  • Trip scheduling through a one-way ride or hire a driver on rent by an hour

  • Enable the users to access the addresses of previous reservations

  • Provide date and time wizard to schedule pickup locations

  • Tracking of the reservations

  • Tracking of the customers, floaters and drivers locations

  • Make calls or send text messages to the customers from application screen

  • Capability to add extra charges for unscheduled intermediate stops

  • Enable the customer to make service payment from within the application

  • Enable the drivers to create, accept and reject shifts

  • Central Database & Management System with the following functionalities:

  • User Authentication

  • Storage for all the data such as the customers and drivers’ records, orders, transfers, payments etc.

  • Enter the chauffeur service requests received over the phone

  • Integration of Braintree payment gateway with the application for processing Credit Card transactions

Technical Requirements

  • PHP

  • JQuery

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • XCode

  • Mac machine

  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Server

  • Foursquare Places API

  • Foursquare Nearby API

  • Google Geocode API

  • Google Distance Matrix API

  • Google Directions API

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions was engaged with the client in the capacity of an Offshore-based Delivery Center, collaboratively taking care of the entire design and development of Smartphone Applications and Central Database and Management System by leveraging Google technologies and Drupal open source content management system framework.

Smartphone Application was developed with the following functionalities:

  • The users were able to reserve chauffeur service for one-way ride to drive the car from a pickup to the drop off location and hire a driver on rent to drive the car wherever the customer would require

  • It enabled the users to select the pickup location, time, multiple intermediate stops, drop off location and the number of hours to hire a driver on rent

  • The users could select the addresses of their previous pickup or drop off locations

  • The application would also display the brief summary of the user’s future and past reservations

  • The users could track the location of the respective entity (driver, customer and floater) on the Google map with the time left to arrive at the pickup location

  • The users were able to make calls or send text messages to the respective entity (driver, customer and floater) from within the application screen

  • The users could share the application with other recipients through email, text message, Twitter and Facebook to get credits

  • The users were able to report any problems they faced about the application or chauffeur services

  • It enabled the user to apply for a driver’s position. The users could use the application to capture driving license image and upload it into the application.

  • A driver could view a list of trips and shifts have been assigned

  • The customers could make chauffeur service payment using Credit Card through the Payment gateway configured within the application

The Central Database and Management System were developed as the backend system to store all customers and drivers’ records, orders, transfers, payments etc. It would handle all backend system actions such as user authentication, storage and retrieval of data, validation of actions, reservation of requests received over phone calls and reported problems etc.

Smartphone Driver Application–Braintree Payment Gateway Integration: Eternus Solutions project team was responsible for bidirectional integration of developed application with Braintree payment gateway, using REST web services, iPhone and Android SDK in order to perform Credit Card transactions.

UI Design and Development: Eternus Solutions UI team designed and developed the UI compatible with all standard web browsers, mobile and tablets using HTML and CSS.

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