ESPL – MS SharePoint Online – Aviation – Custom Development – Success Story

Client Overview

Client is a US based large-scale manufacturer of Safety equipment and instruments for Aviation Industry.

Business Challenge

  • The products and the improvement in the products are necessary to get the edge in the market and to compete with other competitors. This need forces the organization to adopt the continuous updates for each product.

  • Client had an existing system that was developed using Lotus Notes and it had its own lacuna in terms of usability and flexibility. Additionally the system was unable to adopt the changes in the process/ workflow that were imposed by international regulatory bodies and organization policies.

  • The process of registering the product idea or product improvement idea had six different levels of approvals with document attachments, comments and public Message Board along with approval and stage history of each request.

Technical Requirements

  • SharePoint Online

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • Microsoft .NET

  • Office 365 – Microsoft Exchange

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions evaluated each requirement very closely and proposed a dynamic solution that had the ability to add approval authorities on the fly and exclude approvers from the process. Similarly, the approval requests can be dynamically transferred to next approver. The solution was characterized with:

    • Deep customization of workflows deployed as sandbox solution

    • Sandbox Solutions

    • Highly Configurable including approvers and alerts

    • Remote assistance for deployment and acceptance testing

  • For catering to client’s internal technology landscape and in order to leverage Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure, Eternus Solutions decided to implement Microsoft SharePoint Online for the application development along with JavaScript, JQuery, Office 365 and custom .NET coding.

  • Users are created using Office 365 Admin Portal.

Development Methodology

  • Development on Developer Sandbox

  • Evaluate and cover requirements using Out of Box features wherever possible

  • Design and development of Web Parts

  • OOTB Workflows

  • Extensive usage of custom sandbox Web Parts, Features and Sandbox Solutions

  • Development using Microsoft standards and best practices for SharePoint Online customization

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