Google Apps – Education and eLearning – Custom Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a pioneer in providing Cloud Computing solutions to businesses. They have implemented a Learning Management System in association with a volunteer driven non-profit educational initiative in order to ensure that every Malaysian student has all the educational resources needed to succeed academically in school.

Business Challenge

The client was looking for a vendor who would understand the existing and upcoming websites, understand original scope based on artifacts and existing implementation and identify missing implementation and pending functionalities. Upon the completion of the discovery phase, missing functionalities and integration hooks would be clearly identified, scoped and detailed, following which the client wanted the vendor to develop the same on Google Apps technology.

Technical Requirements

  • Google Apps

  • GO

  • Python

  • GQL

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

Solution Strategy

  • Understand the existing and upcoming websites

  • Understand original scope based on artifacts

  • Understand existing implementation

  • Identify missing implementation

  • Documentation of all the implemented and pending functionalities

  • Define phase wise scope of development

  • Upon definition, design finalization for each phase

  • Development and bug fixes

  • Go-live and post-warranty support

Solution Features and Components

  • Public and private content: Segregation of content based on role-based access

  • Google sign-in: Google sign-up services for user sign-up and authentication

  • Volunteers: Availability of volunteers through configured accounts via Hangout/ Chat

  • Authorization: Admins and sub-admins to create items like exercises, test papers and so forth based on configurable authorization levels

  • Content: Form-based structure for content input that follows a many-to-many relationship between forms and subjects

  • Learning Videos: Videos are available in two formats: public and restricted. Videos are uploaded by the administrators using an admin interface and available as a link from a third-party website

  • Online content: Online content associated with chapters and sub-chapters to be available for tutoring upon sign-in. The content would be non-redundant

  • Dashboard: Consisting of an editable announcement box and a diagram of the report summary for videos watched, exercise results and test results

  • Badges: Badges are intended for the users to identify seniority by registration date and contributions to the site. These badges are of the following categories:

    1. Achievement badge

    2. Rewards for watching videos

    3. Rewards for helping people

    4. Rewards for completing exercises

    5. Rewards for completing test papers

    6. Rewards for doing well in test papers

  • Payment gateway integration: Donation processing using credit cards through Payment Gateway integration

  • Social media integration: The sites would have the following Social Media integration:

    1. Facebook – Like and Share

    2. Google Plus – Like and Share

    3. Google Hangout – Share

    4. Yahoo – Share

    5. Linked In – Share

    6. Twitter – Tweet on it.

Additionally, the application needed to provide a chat window that consumes Google Chat and allows users to chat online. Hangout APIs are integrated to empower users to have video chat online

  • Search: Search functionality is available on all the site pages and allows the users to search the videos, exercise, test papers and categories of the content

  • Profiles for teachers, translators, volunteers and supporters

  • Responsive and metro UI, site branding as per existing branding guidelines

  • Browser compatibility with IE 9, 10, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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