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Eternus Solutions Private Limited is an agile and quality-conscious organization, providing expert IT Services globally. With an innovative and product-oriented mindset, and a clear focus towards ‘Cloud…Social…Analytics…Mobile…Internet-of-Things (IoT), Eternus Solutions has carved itself a niche in the industry.


  • India lacked an integrated and complete healthcare solution that provided easy access to healthcare services to people

  • Eternus Solutions wanted to develop a people-empowering, complete, integrated healthcare solution for masses that helped them live healthier, longer and better

  • Eternus Solutions has evangelized with a mission of making people’s life simpler by providing them with easy access to healthcare & cloud-based EHR

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft MVC 5.0

  • C#.NET

  • HTML5, CSS3

  • Bootstrap

  • jQuery

  • AngularJS

  • IONIC Framework ( Hybrid Mobile Application )

  • Apache Cordova ( Native Mobile Functionality )

  • Web API 2.0

  • Microsoft Identity Framework

Solution Strategy

  • is a web-based application built using Web APIs, using which a user can register himself

  • Users can search doctors by applying various filters such as doctor specialty, qualification, specialization, address etc.

  • Application is integrated with wearable health and fitness apps like BodyMedia, Dietbit, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Endomondo, Runkeeper and Runtastic etc. to provide real-time health data to users

  • Web App is a single page application implemented using AngularJS with highest performance, which communicates with backend Web API’s exposed by

  • Real time notification using SignalR ( WebSocket in HTML 5) so that users don’t have to refresh page manually

  • also consists of a mobile app based on HTML5/CSS3 for all leading platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, that would communicate with web services exposed by

  • Users get immediate native notification on their mobile applications for all pre-configured settings even if the application is not in running mode, using Google’s GCM and Apples push notifications

  • Server uses windows identity framework for storing and retrieving user information with highest possible security and proven hack proofing techniques

  • servers provide token based authentication for third party developers to use APIs to integrate these services in their applications

Solution Components

  • Requirement analysis and synthesis along with the client team

  • Design and development of the mobile app on HTML5/CSS3

  • Design and development of Web API application using C#

  • Use of Ionic UI for mobile app development

  • Use of Apache Cordova for native API’s

  • Interface with Web API 2.0 for storing the lead records through the mobile app

Development Methodology

  • Development on developer sandbox

  • SRS and design documents to start building any new components

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