Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Financial Services – Data Migration _ Integration – Success Story

Client Overview

  • Client is a leading private equity investing firm operating globally, managing assets across regional, sector and country-specific funds

Business Challenge

  • Client had an existing Customer Relationship Management system on

  • Owing to changes in its business vision, client needed the data residing in Salesforce CRM to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 15

Technical Requirements

  • MS Dynamics CRM 15

  • C#.NET

  • Salesforce APIs

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business requirements and its existing CRM implementation on

  • The team created mappings for all standards and custom objects within Salesforce, mapping them to the respective entities within MS Dynamics CRM, as per the guidelines provided by the client team

  • The project involved oAuth authentication for secured access to the system

  • Custom plug-ins for data sync were developed

Solution Components

  • Requirement analysis and synthesis along with the client team

  • Entity to entity mapping between Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM for data integration

  • Manual mapping for custom objects for Salesforce to mapped to entities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • oAuth authentication for secured access to the system

  • C#.NET based custom plug-ins for data sync between the objects and entities within the two systems

Project Methodology

  • Requirement Elicitation with clients teams and stakeholders

  • Evaluate and cover requirements using out of the box features

  • Custom development for covering additional functionality

  • SRS and design documents to start building any new components

  • oAuth authentication for secured access

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