Microsoft-Zoho – Healthcare – Data Integration _ Migration – Success Story

Client Overview

  • Client is a US-based premium provider of prosthetics and orthotics, with operations and presence in India as well

Business Challenge

  • Client had its data scattered across various repositories, including its indigenous CRM system, flat files, CSVs and local database

  • Client needed disparate data integration and periodic data migration for its US and Indian division

    • For its US operations, the client needed a 2 way integration between client’s local database and its Zoho-based CRM

    • For its India operations, client needed the data in its Zoho-based CRM to be extracted at a FTP location at regular, pre-defined intervals

Technical Requirements

  • Zoho CRM

  • C#

  • Visual Studio 10

  • .NET Framework 3.5

  • XML

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business requirements and its disparate, distributed data repositories

  • The Eternus Solutions team came up with different approaches for the data integration and migration requirements for client’s US and Indian arms of operations

    • For the US unit, Eternus Solutions team worked on a two-way integration between client’s Zoho-based CRM and its local database

    • This integration was near real-time, with set, pre-defined intervals for data sync

    • The client needed the data in the Zoho CRM system to reflect in the local database also, as the local database was synced with client’s other back-end systems. For this sync, a windows service was written and executed to integrate the data from Lead and Account objects in Zoho CRM into the local database and vice versa.

    • For the Indian unit, the client needed the data from its Zoho CRM to be extracted at an FTP location in a CSV format at pre-defined, configured time intervals.

    • Eternus Solutions provided an XML configuration file to the client in order to enable them to change the time interval, if needed.

    • The system needed to automatically pick up data from the Zoho system based on any updates. For this purpose, a Windows service was written and executed.

Solution Components

  • Requirement analysis and synthesis along with client team

  • Design and development of the Windows service required for data integration for both units of the client

  • XML file for configuration

  • Integration with Zoho and local database

  • Ability for file extraction at FTP location in CSV format

Development Methodology

  • Development on developer sandbox

  • Evaluate and cover requirements using out of the box features

  • SRS and design documents to start building any new components

  • Design and development of workflows

  • Windows based service for integration

  • XML file for configuration of time interval for integration

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