MS .NET – Aviation – Custom Application Development and Implementation – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a leading India-based group of highly expert consultants who provide financial and managerial guidance to Aviation companies focused on Passenger Airline business. Client helps Airline companies to turn around business from loss making operations to stable profitable business operations, comprising following activities:

  • To procure, lease and hire Aircrafts

  • Airline company acquisitions and mergers

  • New Airline company formation

  • Manage the fleet and network

  • Budget, plan and forecast for coming years

Business Challenge

  • Client wanted to build a forecasting application for coming five years based on multiple scenarios that will generate a What IF analysis on-the-fly with enormous calculations for high volume of data. All the calculations were expected to be precise up to four decimal places.

  • Build a SOX compliant application for North America and Europe region. GAAP principles needed to be followed in order to make the application so that it would be acceptable globally.

  • Additionally, the application needed to be IATA compliant to make it acceptable to all Airlines. To cover compliance, all the elements of the Airline industry like Network, Route, Sector, Airport, Flight, Aircraft Specification, Travel and Booking Classes, Fare Calculation, Seasonality and Seasonality Modulators etc. needed to be standardized.

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Windows Presentation Foundation

  • Microsoft SQL Express Database

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business objectives for end application and worked with the client’s team to implement a new application based on Microsoft Technologies.

  • The modulation of various business cases was classified as per the Aviation industry, and the entire application was designed to adopt scalability and flexibility to generate forecasting reports.

  • Role based security for ensuring authorized access to reports.

  • Application business logic was shifted from application to database level owing to huge data volume and calculations involved.

Implementation Details

  • Eternus Solutions team built this application as a Desktop application using Microsoft .NET Windows Presentation Foundation owing to its sensitive and confidential nature.

  • Additionally, MS SQL Express database was selected for ease of installation as this was a standalone application.

Solution Components

  • Custom developed UI components

  • UI Themes, look and feel developed using Windows Presentation Foundation

  • MVVM architecture for entire implementation

  • Core business logic in the database for easy updates

  • Data analytics using business dashboards and reports

  • Forecasting and budgeting reports for coming five years

Development Methodology

  • SRS and design documents to start building any new components

  • Designing and developing business workflows for budgeting

  • Extensive usage of stored procedures, Functions and Views

  • 600+ parameters for reporting

  • Development using Microsoft standards and best practices

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