MS .NET – Consumer Services – Application Development and Process Automation – Success Story

Client Overview

Client is a personalized marketing solutions provider based out of USA, providing solutions to more than one million small and medium sized businesses globally

Business Challenge

  • Client had an internal system to print the invoice letters and dunning letters for all the customers who have delayed the payment.

  • Client’s dispatch department faced many hassles managing all the letters, envelopes and invoices owing to the huge client base and the fact that each client could have multiple invoices and dunning letters

  • Client was facing legal issues owing to its existing system being one based on emails based correspondence

  • Therefore, the client decided to procure and deploy a Pitney Bowes® folding machine. This machine has the capability to fold letters automatically and seal them into envelopes.

  • This Pitney Bowes® folding machine needed Optical Marks on each paper to identify the proper sequence, fold type, paper size, envelop type, batch type, batch sequence and other several details

  • Eternus Solutions was engaged to deliver this implementation

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET with entity framework

  • RDLC

  • Crystal reports

  • iText

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions team worked with the clientt business team and the Pitney Bowes team to understand the client’s requirement and proposed a solution based on Microsoft Platform.

Development Methodology

  • Custom library design and development for OMR marks

  • Dynamic insertion of OMR marks on each page of the document

  • Complete integration with existing email system

  • Completely offshore development

  • Development using Microsoft standards and best practices

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