MS .NET – IT – Custom Development – Success Story

Client Overview

Client is a leading US-based IT service provider specializing in geolocation services like distribution of zip codes for USA, Canada and Mexico, along with IP geolocation services enabling you to target your ads, campaigns and rich content based on your user-base’s location.

Business Challenge

  • Client had a repository of zip codes that it wanted to be provided as different packages to its users from its websites

  • These zip codes would be used by Government agencies and logistics providers alike to track the exact locations

  • Client also wanted these zip codes to be available to its user base through real-time web services

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework

  • MVC 3

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  • Amazon EC 2

  • Amazon S3

  • Amazon RDS

  • CloudFront

  • nopCommerce Framework

  • Authorize.NET

  • 128-bit SSL SHA-2

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed client’s requirements along with the client team and prepared the solution design for this project.

  • Eternus Solutions team prepared different packages of zip code as different files stored in Amazon storage based on the client’s guidelines

  • The team also made the zip code data available through real time web services

  • The team then developed a Microsoft .NET based website from where these packages would be made available to the customers

Solution Components

  • Preparation and sign-off of design document for the system and website designs

  • Development of various packages containing the zip codes as per client requirements and specification

  • Development of real-time web services for availability of these zip codes through web service calls

  • Amazon S3 was used for storage of zip code packages

  • CloudFront was used to enhance the overall responsiveness of the website

  • nopCommerce framework was configured and customized to implement the checkout process while payment

  • Authorize.Net was used as the payment gateway to facilitate credit card and online transactions

  • The website was built on the .NET framework using MVC 3 architecture and SQL Server 2008

  • Customization and enhancements to ensure negligible failed transactions and to ensure that no subscription was authorized without successful payment

  • Implementation of EB MIS, Email Scheduler and Email Access Permission modules

  • Bug fixes and enhancements to the existing application

Development Methodology

  • SRS and design documents to start building any new components after client’s approval

  • Module wise UAT and moving to production after confirmation

  • Development using Microsoft standards and best practicess

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