MS SharePoint – FMCG – Support and Maintenance – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a leading Middle East based food and beverage organization. It manages an excellent portfolio of integrated businesses. It is focused on providing high quality trusted food and beverage products for customers across the UAE, GCC, Turkey and the wider Middle East.

Business Challenge

  • Client had implemented intranet portal using SharePoint 2007. The out of the box features of SharePoint using vanilla implementation did not fulfill client’s exhaustive requirements.

  • The SharePoint implementation was completely BPM (Business Process Management) oriented and hence several workflows were defined to address the processes.

  • Additionally, the client had a major failure in their hardware. The application was down for more than 24 hours where MS SQL Server was crashed and backup for only a single week was maintained.

Technical Requirements

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions worked with the client to understand the existing infrastructure to decide upon the action plan in order to recover the site

  • The workflows migration from old system to new recovered system was planned for the subsequent 24 hours

  • Considering the recovery speed, the client added a couple of new, critical requirements and Eternus Solutions planned to incorporate those during the recovery stage itself

Implementation Details

Eternus Solutions team reviewed the entire SharePoint server stack and:

  1. Recovered MS SQL server

  2. Restored and attached the system with SharePoint 2007

  3. Identified affected workflows

  4. Updated all the affected workflows

  5. Added new updates into workflows

Support Methodology

For ongoing support, Eternus Solutions team planned to provide a three member team with 8 x 5 support where all the critical issues will be addressed on on-call basis and all other issues would be addressed during 8 x 5 timing

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