SFDC – Automotive – CRM Integration – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a US based Automotive company, which is centered on providing vehicle service contracts to protect vehicles without paying more.

The client is an experienced, legitimate, and affordable solution provider, helping customers to keep informed and be prepared for unexpected auto repair invoices that would interrupt their lives.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to integrate his Quote and Contract generation system and processes with Salesforce.com’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to keep track of prospecting customers’ accomplishment.

The objectives of the project were as listed below:

  • Integrate the Quote and Contract generation system and processes with Salesforce CRM

  • Retrieve the quotation as per the customer’s vehicle servicing requirement from the Quote and Contract generation system.

  • Store the selected plan information into Salesforce

  • Send request to the Quote and Contract generation system for creation of contract document for the selected plan

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • XML

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the business objectives and worked with the client to implement an integrated solution on the Salesforce CRM in order to keep a track of prospecting customers’ accomplishments, leveraging Force.com’s Apex and Visualforce as the implementation technology stack.

  • The UI for sending quotation request was developed using Visualforce. The quote and contract generation system were integrated with Salesforce through the SOAP API web services.

  • The user would generate a quotation request and process the customer’s vehicle servicing requirements. On submission of the quotation request, an automated web service request would be sent to the quote and contract generation system, and it would send corresponding quotations and plans thereafter.

  • The user can select a quotation according to the suitable plan for the customer, which would get stored in Salesforce. On selection of the suitable plan, the contract generation request would be sent to quote and contract generation system.

  • It would respond to the contract generation request and send the corresponding contract PDF to Salesforce through the integrated web services.

Solution Components

  • Customization of existing Standard objects viz. Lead and Opportunity to store the selected plan into Salesforce

  • Use of Apex classes to parse the XML response received from the client’s system

  • Invoke the SOAP callouts to integrate Salesforce CRM with Client’s system by making a call to the Client’s system web service and then receiving the response

  • New custom Visualforce pages aligned to quote request process

Development Methodology

  • Development and testing on the Developer Sandbox and moving to the Production Org

  • Extensive usage of Visualforce pages, custom fields, apex classes and SOAP callouts

  • Deployment plans and change sets to deploy the application once completed

  • Tracking of development through weekly timesheets and status calls

  • Coding using SFDC standards and best practices

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