SFDC – Education – Offshore Development Center – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is the USA based leading service provider, which is focused on providing cloud-based solutions to leading global universities based out of USA & UK.

Business Challenge

  • The client had developed the products to cater the requirements in the Education domain. The products were aimed to provide campaign management, telemarketing, online marketing, program management, events, and much more.

  • These products were help the Colleges and Universities to maximize revenue and reduce costs by effectively automating functions of recruiting, retaining, connecting and engaging their prospects, students, alumni, volunteers, members, supporters and affiliates throughout their constituent lifecycles.

  • The client wanted to leverage the Offshore services based model to build an extended team to help in the below areas:

    • Product development

    • Enterprise services

    • Support and Maintenance

Technical Requirements

  • Salesforce.com

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions was engaged with the client in the capacity of an Offshore-based Delivery Center to take care of their complete operations.

Product Development: Eternus Solutions consultants were able to quickly learn and start contributing in the product development. The team used a systematic way to develop the product and quickly acclimatize themselves using Agile methodology. Eternus Solutions consultants were involved in development of core and complex areas of the product like routing engine, business logic etc.

Enterprise Services: Eternus Solutions formed a team to take care of all the maintenance work done for the products that were already installed with the customer. The maintenance services included customization and enhancements to the products. Eternus Solutions team was able to understand complexities of installed products, the business and the environments to be able to deliver on time with all the defined abilities and make the customer happy.

Support & Maintenance: Eternus Solutions formed an exclusive, highly-motivated team to take care of the support work. The team ramped up fast with a short span of time. The work was primarily to support all the live issues faced by the customer. The team provided resolution to many tickets within the SLA time and were phenomenal to quickly pick up the code understanding to resolve highly complex and critical issues for the customer.

Solution Components

  • Customization of existing Standard objects

  • Creation of new objects

  • Triggers, Workflows and Classes to manage the business work flow

  • Data Analytics using business dashboards and reports

  • New custom Visualforce pages, triggers and workflows aligned to various processes

Development Methodology

  • 3-Step development methodology that consist of developing on the Dev Sandbox, Testing on the QA Sandbox and moving to the Production

  • SRS, Design documents to start building any new components

  • Designing and developing workflows for various processes

  • Extensive usage of Trigger, Classes and Batch Apex, Schedulers to write custom logic

  • Coding using SFDC standards and best practices

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