SFDC – Financial Services – Advisory Factory Application Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a part of India’s modern breed of true unbiased client focused Financial Planning Firms. The client has a vision to empower its clients through quality unbiased financial advice, latest technology that helps clients with their personal financial management and assisting them in realizing all their dreams and converting them into realistic achievable goals.

Business Challenge

  • The financial advisory and wealth management industry has been hampered by complex, inefficient and expensive technology. Relationship managers, financial advisors, wealth managers and their operations and support staff must generally deal with a confusing collection of front-office, middle-office and back-office applications, built using different technologies and with diverse user interfaces, resulting in significant duplication of data, high error rates and processing complexities.

  • Client decided to develop a cloud-based Advisor Factory application for Financial Planning. The application needed to be innovative, scalable to accommodate growth and flexible to evolve business. The objectives of the project were as follows:

    • Configuration of the secured access to the application

    • CRM module to manage the lead records and to convert probable customers captured at web to lead

    • Advice module to check the customer’s financial status and capacity and to display financial and action plans to provide a simple roadmap of direction towards the customer’s financial goals

    • Operations module to track the actual execution of the selected plan, generate service purchase orders and calculate commission on the product

    • Manage different packages of financial planning products

    • Reports and dashboards of Advisor Factory data

    • Integration with 3rd party SMS Magic to send SMS from Salesforce

    • Integration with 3rd party VCS Smart Email for interfacing with Gmail to view and compose email from Salesforce

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • CSS

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions reviewed the business objectives and worked with the client to implement the Financial Planning Advisor Factory solution, leveraging Force.com’s Apex and Visualforce as the implementation technology stack.

The Advisor Factory Application with the following modules and functionalities were developed:

  • Configured different Profiles to assign privileges and access to the users

  • Developed the CRM module which included the following functionalities:

    • Generated the leads through web-to-lead process those were captured through the Financial X-ray tool, Financial Wellness tool etc.

    • Automated Process Flow to streamline the Entity success process by assigning tasks to the users based on the current stage of the Entity

  • Developed the Advice module which included the following functionalities:

    • Financial X-ray and Financial Wellness tools were created using Visualforce pages to act as an interactive and a descriptive questionnaire to gauge the customer’s financial status

    • Financial Plan was developed to provide a simple roadmap of direction towards the customer’s goals

    • Action Plan was developed to track distribution of the customer’s invested money to fulfill the customer’s financial goals

  • Developed the Operations module which included the following functionalities:

    • Execution Tracker to track the execution of the generated Action Plan

    • Revenue per Plan (RPP) to calculate the commission on the product, expected revenue and actual revenue with respect to the action plan

  • Productized Financial Planning functionality was developed to encapsulate financial planning products including Value Added Services (VAS) facility

  • Developed the Risk Profiler functionality to evaluate the extent to which the individual was willing to take the financial risk

Salesforce-SMS Magic Integration – Eternus Solutions project team was responsible for unidirectional integration of SMS Magic with Salesforce to send SMS to the end user from within Salesforce. It enabled the users to send SMS from any object, bulk SMSs and to create SMS templates within Salesforce.

Salesforce-VCS Smart Email Integration – Eternus Solutions project team was responsible for bidirectional integration of VCS Smart Email application with Salesforce to receive a copy of email into VCS Smart Email Inbox inside Salesforce.

UI Design and Development – The project involved professional UI design and development for Action Plan and Execution Tracker modules. The UI design required was responsive and supported across all standard browsers.

Support and EnhancementThe project involved improvement upon existing components for code quality and code anomalies and development of new components as part of the enhancement.

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