SFDC – Financial Services – HR Application Development – Success Story

Client Overview

Client is a specialist of emerging markets private equity firm. They are specialized in investing small and medium-sized businesses, transforming them into significant and enduring regional operations, which deliver strong and consistent returns for both themselves and the investors.

Business Challenge

  • The client’s previous Reporting System did not provide the detailed level of reporting or analytical capability that users needed to make business decisions.

  • The company needed new business intelligence tools that could access information faster and provide more detailed reports to managers.

  • The client needed to implement a new system, which could help to improve its business operations and be able to react to market trends quickly.

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • MS SQL 2000 Analysis Services (SSAS)

  • MS SQL 2000 Reporting Services (SSRS)

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solution reviewed the client’s business objectives and worked with the client’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to implement a new analytical system based on SQL Sever 2000 Analysis Services with SQL Server Reporting Services as the Reporting tool.

  • For this, daily transactional information was loaded at each of the branch, which would be consolidated at the head office on a weekly basis. Reports were then available to managers for more insightful business decisions.

  • The users can now easily identify trends and target areas of improvement. Furthermore, users can slice and dice and view multidimensional information relevant to them using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes.

Solution Components

  • Customization of existing Standard objects

  • Creation of new objects

  • Triggers, Workflows and Classes to manage the business work flow

  • New custom Visualforce pages, triggers and workflows aligned to various processes

Development Methodology

  • Development on Developer Sandbox

  • SRS and Design documents to start building any new components

  • Designing and developing workflows for various processes

  • Coding using SFDC best practices and standards

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