SFDC – Financial Services – Marketing Cloud Implementation, Customization _ Custom Development – Success Story

Client Overview

  • Client is a leading US-based financial services provider

Business Challenge

  • Client needed to empower its marketing users and facilitate them to:

    • Create and manage customized promotional and value-driven campaigns

    • Run and schedule campaigns for advisory services

    • Run and manage targeted email blasts

  • Additionally, client also wanted to enable its customers to subscribe to different Financial Advisory Products in the form of videos, newsletters, emails, research papers etc.

  • Client needed to track and maintain customer service subscriptions

  • Furthermore, client needed to create space ads for Social Media

Technical Requirements

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Visualforce

  • ExactTarget

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business requirements

  • Eternus Solutions helped the client marketing team to configure Campaigns, associated marketing assets and other required artifacts within their Marketing Cloud implementation. The team helped schedule and configure these campaigns as per set business rules in the form of Space advertisements and email blasts.

  • In order to maximize campaign ROI, the team made necessary configuration changes to link campaigns with necessary reporting features

  • The team helped the client marketing team to schedule and run evergreen and time-bound offers in conjunction with specific campaigns

  • The Eternus Solutions team configured videos, newsletters, emails, research papers etc. to enable client’s customers to subscribe to different financial advisory products

  • Subscription Renewal: Eternus Solutions team configured the Marketing cloud to enable tracking and maintenance of customer service subscriptions and the ability to stack subscriptions and support auto as well as manual renewal

  • Reporting: The team configured the marketing cloud to track KPIs and analytics real time, in conjunction with an email campaign or space ad and report on them using custom reports and dashboards

  • Analytics: The team helped client’s marketing team in creating space ads for Social Media such as Facebook and monitoring their performance using parameters such as Landing Page Visits, Click through Ratio and no. of clicks etc.

  • Optimized Storage: The team helped the client to optimize its Salesforce data store usage by storing all marketing assets in Amazon’s AWS and S3 cloud

Solution Components

  • Requirement analysis and synthesis along with the client team

  • Use of the out-of-the-box (OOTB)features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Customize the Marketing cloud platform as and when required to meet the client requirements

  • Custom development to meet the requirements not covered through OOTB implementation and customization

  • Email blasts and targeted emails using ExactTarget Fuel API

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