SFDC – Healthcare – Electronic Patient Records Implementation – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a leading Healthcare organization, which is focused on delivering quality, cost effective primary care, generic pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and IT solutions to the markets.

Their business model is comprised of four diversified health service business units – Medical Supply, Technology Services, Medical Facilities and E-Health Solutions. Each unit is positioned to operate separately with its own set of services, which are sustainable and scalable to the emerging markets. Each business unit can leverage all resources within the Brand Portfolio of services to reduce cost and increase efficiencies in local markets.

Business Challenge

  • The client had purchased a third party Health Care application to produce Electronic Patient Records (EPR), clinic data management, medication management etc.

  • However, the third party application was very generic and the client needed demographic specific customization for each of their clinics spread across the globe.

  • Each country had different requirements based on their local law, regulations, and business rules.

  • The security model was not properly defined to restrict the visibility of country specific data.

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions played a key role in re-designing the existing third party application and customized it as per different countries’ requirements. The system was made more robust to incorporate all possible scenarios in a healthcare world with respect to EPRs, Billing, Medication Management, Inventory Management, Multilingual, Clinic Assessments etc.

Some of the key features that were developed were –

  • Security model

  • Patient registration

  • Restructured the lab module to give clinicians the ability to add as many test as they want

  • Country/ clinic specific customization of prescription and invoices

  • Auto population of normal values on lab results report based on patient’s age or gender and highlights the abnormal values

  • Incorporation of country specific VAT/ TAX codes and rates while generation of invoices

  • Sales reports

Solution Components

  • Customization of standard objects like Leads, Accounts and Opportunity

  • Create new objects for managing the Projects, Payments and various charges

  • Triggers, workflows and classes to manage the business work flow

  • Data analytics using business dashboards and reports

  • New custom Visualforce pages, triggers and workflows aligned to various clinical processes

Development Methodology

  • Development on Developer Sandbox

  • SRS and Design documents to start building any new components

  • Designing and Developing workflows for Sales and Service life cycles

  • Extensive usage of Trigger, Classes, Batch Apex and Schedulers to write custom logic

  • Data Tool Configuration using standard editor

  • Coding using SFDC standards and best practices

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