SFDC – IT Services – CrunchBase Integration – Success Story

Client Overview

Client is a US based IT service provider, which is focused on providing cloud-based solutions to the enterprises. Client offers a full suite of cloud strategy and implementation services.

Business Challenge

  • The main challenge was to extract the information associated with the account such as company business information using CrunchBase. CrunchBase is a repository that stores all information about the companies, which includes basic Company information, People, Products, Investments and Competitors etc.

  • This information needs to be associated with Salesforce account to give a complete insight into the business of the particular account. This gives a single integrated way to stay up to date about the account and its relevant business information.

  • The business information is to be permanently stored to Salesforce. The Company information needs to be stored with the account object.

  • The People and Competitors information that is returned from CrunchBase needs to be stored as Contacts and new Accounts respectively. The available CrunchBase information needs to be shared with other users in the Organization.

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

  • CrunchBase provides API that helps retrieval of the information in the JSON format.

  • In order to fetch the information related to a particular account, the CrunchBase URL has to be modified to contain the account name. This URL is termed as Permalink.

  • The JSON response retrieved from CrunchBase is parsed and dynamically filled into a HTML div to display on the Page in an IFrame as a list of search results. The relevant search result that contains the business information is associated with the selected account.

  • Another technique implemented to retrieve the search results from CrunchBase is HTML scraping, where the actual HTML page returned from CrunchBase is parsed to display the search results on the account page.

  • Paging is available for the search results to arrange the results in an orderly fashion. People in the CrunchBase information would be saved as Contacts to the selected account whereas Competitors would be saved as new account. The information for Milestones and Fundings is shared with other users by saving it to Chatter.

Solution Components

  • Creation and customization of standard and custom objects

  • Triggers, workflows and classes to manage the business work flow

  • Data analytics using business dashboards and reports

  • New custom Visualforce pages, triggers and workflows aligned to integration processes

Development Methodology

  • Development on Developer Sandbox

  • SRS and Design documents to start building any new components

  • Designing and developing workflows for various processes

  • Extensive usage of trigger, classes, batch apex and schedulers to write custom logic

  • Coding using SFDC standards and best practices

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