SFDC – IT Services – Event Management Site Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is an event management organization in the Middle East, focused on providing professional and affordable services for event management and registration.

Business Challenge

Client wanted to develop a cloud-based Event Management Site using Force.com platform for registration and badges creation of the subscribers, for various events such as corporate launches, conferences, conventions, PR events, sales promotion, seminars, fairs, exhibitions etc.

The objectives of the project were as listed below:

  • Capability to register event organizers and subscribers for the created events

  • Capability to create Campaigns for the events

  • Creation of Badges for the registered customers

  • Configuration to display the selected number of subscribers in the event details

  • Capability to search subscribers based on their name initials

  • Bilingual support – English and Hebrew

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • CSS

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions reviewed the objectives and worked with the client to develop the Event Management Site, leveraging Force.com site functionality as the implementation technology stack.

Event Organizer Registration

  • Event Organizer Registration functionality would enable the client’s admin user to register the organizer and provide him credentials to use the Event Management site

  • On registration, an organizer would receive an account activation email to activate his account. On activation, an organizer can login into the Event Management Site using provided credentials to organize events.

Event Creation

  • Event creation functionality would enable the users to create campaigns for the events

  • The home page of an Event Creation functionality would display the list of created events. The users can select particular event from the list, which would redirect the user to the event detail page.

Subscriber Registration

  • A Visualforce page was developed for Subscriber Registration functionality, which enabled the users to register subscribers through an online registration form

  • A user could also import lists of subscribers created in .csv format, which contained details of the registered subscribers

Badge Creation

  • The event management site had an exclusive functionality for building and producing badges for the registered subscribers

  • The badge design was supported by a two-sided design layout. The users were able to customize the entire area of the badge and could select different designs for different group of subscribers.

  • User could create badges in a portrait as well as a landscape layout format

  • Users could also print the created badge

Search Registered Users

  • The Search functionality was provided to find a particular subscriber by merely entering the initials of his name in the search bar, which would display a list of matching subscribers

Bilingual Application

  • The application could be operated in both Hebrew and English

UI Design and Development

  • The project involved a responsive UI design that was compatible with the site and easy-to-use

Solution Components

  • Creation of Visualforce pages for site login, organizers and subscribers registration and badge generation

  • Creation of Email templates to send account activation emails to the organizers

  • Use of Record type to control operation in multiple languages

  • Use of pagination to display the selected number of records and to allow users to navigate to previous and next records

  • Use of JavaScript for validation of the entered details

  • Use of Visualforce Remoting to fetch data dynamically, to decrease page response time and to enhance the performance of the application

  • Use of encrypted text for login password

  • Use of field mapping, custom fields and field security

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