SFDC – IT Services – Scheduling Platform – Product Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a US based IT Service provider, which is focused on products and solutions for various industries including healthcare, high-tech, media, manufacturing, education, non-profit etc., helping them to adopt mobile and cloud-based CRM technology.

Business Challenge

Client needed a cloud-based appointment-scheduling platform that helps companies to automate their appointment scheduling process, along with email, text messages and voice reminders. They want to build scheduling platform compatible with Salesforce CRM using Salesforce platform.

The objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Development and multiple enhancements on existing code

  • Development of an interactive calendar

  • Development of Appointment Management module

  • Development of Work Shift Management module to set and view work shifts for multiple providers across multiple locations

  • Development of Rooms Management module to track where appointments may take place

  • Development of standard user interface

  • Development of functionality for Reminder calls to appointment participants as well as providers

  • Integration of Salesforce with 3rd party tool Twilio

Technical Requirements

  • Eclipse IDE

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions reviewed the business objectives and worked with the client to implement a new Appointment Scheduling Platform leveraging Force.com’s Apex and Visualforce as the implementation technology stack.

System Development – Eternus Solutions certified, process oriented and focused consultants at Eternus Solutions were able to single-handedly contribute and manage the design and sprint cycles of system development. The team used Agile processes to develop the scheduling platform.

The following modules were developed:

  • Custom JQuery full calendar with functionalities to:

    • View multiple provider and room calendars at once

    • Find openings

    • Schedule appointments

    • Set notification reminders

    • Search providers by specialty, language and any customer attribute

    • Provide many calendar day and week view

  • Built functionality and add into the calendar to track where an appointment can be scheduled to take place

  • Built functionality to specify where and when a Provider works

  • Built functionality to make reminder call or send text SMS to appointment participants as well as providers

Salesforce-Twilio Integration – Eternus Solutions project team integrated 3rd party tool Twilio using its web service APIs with Salesforce in order to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages to end user from and within Salesforce. The Salesforce-Twilio integration was bidirectional for Call and unidirectional for SMS.

UI Design and Development – The project involved very professional UI design and development that was compatible with Chatter and easy-to-use.

Support and EnhancementThe project involved improving upon existing components for code quality and anomalies and building of new components as part of enhancement.

Email Templates The project involved creation of email templates that could be automatically sent to users to remind them about appointments and enable them to automatically confirm or decline the invitation.

Development Methodology

  • Development on Partner and Developer edition orgs

  • Requirements and design documents to start building components

  • Extensive use of JQuery, Visualforce pages, triggers, approval processes, workflows, email templates and classes

  • Design and development of workflows for automation of various processes

  • Development using SFDC best practices

  • Code Migration to packaging org considering namespace dependency

  • Use of centralized repository (SVN) for version control

  • Intelligent client development in JavaScript and JQuery library

  • Integration with 3rd party tool Twilio

  • Release notes for all components developed and delivered

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