SFDC – Law Practice Management – Custom Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a US based personal injury law firm, which is focused on effective techniques for litigating personal injury cases.

Business Challenge

Client needed an advanced practice management solution for personal injury lawyers, through which the lawyers could access their firm files from their PC or mobile. This solution was required to be hosted on the cloud for easy, browser-based, global, reliable accessibility.

The client commissioned Eternus Solutions to develop an extensive solution that not only catered to its document management needs, but also managed its overall practice management activities like task assignment and management, expense tracking and reimbursement, email campaigns to communicate with clients and other stakeholders and so on.

The objectives of this project were as listed below:

  • Automation of letter and pledging generation

  • Tracking of referral sources

  • Documents creation, storage and backup

  • Integrated expense tracking

  • Medical costs and reimbursement

  • Settlement statements

  • Tracking clients and their activities

  • Data integration and consistency across the application

  • Email synchronization

  • Contact and case creation

  • Time tracking

  • Task creation, assignment and centralization

  • Reports and dashboards

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions reviewed the business objectives and worked with the client to implement a new Law Practice Management solution by leveraging Force.com’s Apex and Visualforce as the implementation technology stack.

System Development – Eternus Solutions team was responsible for the design and development of the following modules of the solution as per the client’s business objectives and technological preferences. Salesforce.com was chosen as the technology stack for its easy and assured availability over the cloud, easy extensibility and the ease with which third party tools and systems can be integrated seamlessly with your CRM.

  • Created and automated the management of letters and pledge generation

  • Marketing Automation:

    • Created and managed email campaigns to communicate with clients

    • Setup automatic time and event based emails to respective stakeholders

  • Extensive Financial Management with modules for expense tracking, reimbursements, time tracking and settlement statements

  • Creation and management of documents, their storage and backup

  • Task assignment and management for a centralized view of tasks and schedules, linked to the clients for summarized view in one place

  • Reports and dashboards to view and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, case status, profitability on each case and so on

Salesforce-Google Apps-MS Office Integration – Eternus Solutions project team integrated Salesforce with Google Apps (for email, calendar and contact synchronizing) and with MS Office for automatic creation of documents in MS Word from automatic templates. The project also involved social media integration to track the effect of a particular case on the plaintiff/ defendant and have quick access to crucial data pertaining to the case.

UI Design and Development – The project involved a professional and complex, chatter-compatible UI design and development that was responsive.

Email Templates – The project involved creation of email templates that could be automatically sent to clients, attorneys, paralegals and other stakeholders related to a case. Some of the email templates are listed below:

  • Demand Follow Up Letter to Adjustor

  • Client Disengagement Letter

  • Client Contact Letter

  • Attorney Lien Notice

  • Letter of Protection

  • Client Bank Letter

  • Spoliation Letter

Development Methodology

  • Development on developer edition orgs

  • Requirements and design documents to start building components

  • Design and development of workflows for automation of various processes

  • Code migration to packaging org considering namespace dependency

  • Intelligent client development in JavaScript and JQuery library

  • Integration with Google Apps and MS Office

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