SFDC – Non Profit Healthcare – Data Migration – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a nonprofit organization providing healthcare services to the underprivileged strata of the society.

Business Challenge

The client had a very large volume of asynchronous, disparate and unnormalized data scattered between two asynchronous databases: RaiserEdge and PE. The client wanted the records from both these databases to be normalized and migrated to its Salesforce instance, within two different applications: roundCause and Non Profit Starter Pack. This posed the following challenges:

  • Normalization was difficult to achieve due to lack of common entities between the databases

  • The volume of records present in both these systems was very high (in excess of 20 million records)

  • The data was present in the form of multiple heterogeneous files, leading to considerably high data load time

Technical Requirements

  • Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader

  • MS SQL Server Express Edition

  • Bulk API

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions data migration team designed and developed the script for the migration process.

  • Analyse data models in source and target systems along with client

  • Identify and create mapping architecture

  • Define and design the migration process flow

  • Restore the records given in the .bak file within the MS SQL Server instance

  • Creation of Mapping template, including business and transformation rules

  • Develop a SQL Server Script to achieve the desired transformation, after designing an optimal solution for the target Salesforce system

  • Trial load to verify the accuracy and efficiency of the process

  • Verification and testing of the records uploaded through the trial load process

  • Upon successful completion of the verification and validation of the results of the trial load, final load of the entire data using Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader

  • Verification of end-to-end process flow with the client

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