SFDC – Nonprofits – Implementation and Development – Success Story


Client Overview

  • The client is a US-based education focused organization and partners with high need public schools to provide full-time targeted student interventions. The organization support students by focusing on attendance, behavior and course performance through in class and provide chance of small group tutoring, mentoring and after school programs to keep kids in school and on track to success.

  • The client also owns 3 non-commercial education FM broadcast stations and 1 FM translator and produces the programs for National Public Radio (NPR) stations. It serves the public interest by creating and delivering diverse, compelling content that informs, inspires, enriches and entertains.

Business Challenge

  1. Client was facing deployment issues due to a particular Location field on the Opportunity record. As a result, their associated business processes were stalled and they were unable to reach out to their customers within the stipulated timeline.

  2. Client needed to create Mail Merge templates using different salutations.

Technical Requirements

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions reviewed the requirements and implemented the following solution strategy to deal with the business requirements:

  1. Developed a trigger to set Location string on Opportunity record based on Opportunity Special Allocation field. The following events were developed to populate Location string on the related Opportunity record based on Special Allocation:

  • Configured rollup on Opportunity Allocation field to assemble distinct values in alphabetical order.

  • If there is only one distinct Allocation value, then the value would simply get populated.

  • Concatenation of each Allocation into a string and joined by comma-space (“, “).

  • If there are three or more Allocations, then the final joiner would be “, and”.

    Developed an Apex trigger to rollup Salutation object fields namely Salutation Line 1 and Inside Salutation
  • Salutation and Addressee fields on Account object were respectively associated with the Salutation record.

  • The field rollup is dependent upon the Salutation type on successful insert and update of Salutation records.

Solution Components

  • Creation of new triggers

  • Use of Custom settings to enable or disable trigger, as per the need

Development Methodology

  • 3-Step development methodology that consisted of developing on the Developer Sandbox, Testing on the QA Sandbox and moving to the Production

  • Extensive use of Apex triggers and classes

  • Development using SFDC standards and best practices

Implementation Details

Using Eternus Solutions’ vast experience of delivering challenging solutions over the SFDC platform, the team was able to implement the triggers with minimum effort. Some details of the implementation are listed below:

  • Configuration of Custom Settings to enable or disable triggers

  • Configuration of Apex triggers and classes

  • Customization of standard object for triggers

  • Use of JIRA for tracking and development

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