SFDC – Nonprofits – Salesforce Communities Development and Implementation – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a US-based Service Provider focused on products and solutions for Non-Profit organizations, helping them with relationship management, fundraising and research.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a Case Tracking and Constituent Management System to address limitations of existing tools by implementing Salesforce Communities, to support constituent relationship management, case tracking and analytics.

The client wanted to establish a streamlined process for answering calls and providing information to their constituents with the objectives as listed below:

  • Support to constituent relationship management, case tracking and analytics

  • Streamline process for providing information to constituents

  • Ability to customize workflows for each of the three hot lines: Warmline, Perinatal Line and PEP Line

  • Efficient and dedicated assignment of cases to appropriate clinicians

  • Well-defined escalation rules for notifying the upper management

  • Build a self-supporting system to assist the clinicians

  • Data migration from client’s existing MySQL database to SFDC

  • Integrate with third party tools like Mendeley and CTI for provision of content that has been collected over time to client clinicians

  • Customize the user interface and navigation look and feel to be user friendly and chatter compatible

  • Enable search and editable filtering criteria

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • MySQL

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions was engaged with the client in the capacity of an Offshore-based Delivery Center, collaboratively taking care of the entire development and integration process.

Communities Implementation – Eternus Solutions team was instrumental in implementing Salesforce Communities for the client. It helped the client’s organization engage with businesses and consumers through branded, social and mobile-enabled online experiences. System Development – Certified, process oriented and focused consultants at Eternus Solutions were able single-handedly contribute and manage the design and sprint cycles of system development without any system performance issues.

Salesforce-Mendeley Integration – Eternus Solutions team of certified consultants take care of unidirectional integration from Mendeley library to Salesforce for provision of content collected by scientific teams to client clinicians.

UI Design and Development – The project involved very professional UI design and development that was compatible with Chatter and easy-to-use.

Support and Enhancement The project involved improving upon existing components for code quality and code anomalies and building of new components as part of enhancement.

Solution Features and Components

  • Implementation of Salesforce Partner Communities to provide a better B2B engagement with fellow clinicians, building transactional, collaborative and mobile-device-ready experiences for them

  • Web-to-case to log cases via the web and Salesforce.com Flows functionality

  • Front-end screens for best user interface

  • Streamlined and scripted process of answering and logging a call

  • Keyword-based search functionality with filtering capabilities

  • Assignment rules to assign cases to appropriate clinician

  • Queue Management for managing and handling the cases

  • Escalation Rules to highlight and notify upper management that a case needs attention based on criteria

  • Workflows to trigger email notifications and task creation from a logged case

  • Auto-response rules for sending automatic mail responses to a case

  • Data Migration from client MySQL database to SFDC

  • User authentication into the Customer Portal

  • CTI Integration between Salesforce and Audix System for implementing internet telephony

  • Configuration of customized reports to evaluate the performance based on defined metrics

  • Live chat for clinicians

  • Social network integration

  • Automatic logging and patient record identification via phones

  • Routing and scheduling of assigned clinicians

Development Methodology

  • 3-Step development methodology that consist of developing on the Dev Sandbox, Testing on the QA Sandbox and moving to the Production

  • Requirements and design documents to start building any new components

  • Extensive usage of triggers and classes to write custom logic

  • Intelligent client developed in JavaScript and JQuery library

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