SFDC – Public Media – Event Management Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a US-based solution provider focused on products and solutions for Event Management, using which Event managers around the world can leverage their integrated platform to engage their audiences’ pre, during and post-events.

Business Challenge

Client had developed a single, integrated solution to create and manage events and delight attendees, enabling the event managers to leverage the integrated platform to engage their audience during the lifecycle of the event.

Eternus Solutions team was commissioned to design and develop additional capabilities and related enhancements on the Force.com platform. This included:

  • Capability to build branded registration sites

  • Personalized and customized content management across speakers and sessions

  • Personalized and customized event registration experience, based on attendees

  • Event pricing, promotion codes and payment gateway integration

  • Ticketing management

  • Transportation management

  • Trip scheduling

  • Vehicle grid to display assigned vehicles for each event

  • Capability to generate departure notices for guests

  • Branded social and collaborative apps

  • Reporting

  • Mobile Apps

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • HTML

  • XML

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions was engaged with the client in the capacity of an Offshore-based Delivery Center, collaboratively taking care of the entire design, development and deployment process.

  1. Branded Registration Sites: The event managers and other users of the client’s integrated platform were enabled to engage their audience through branded registration sites for event registration.

  2. Business Benefits

    • More extensive reporting through a wider range of metrics for performance analysis

    • Better understanding and visibility of performance of campaigns, drives etc.

    • Need-based sharing of reports with non-SFDC users through a public URL

    • Ability to save selections of specific metrics for easy reuse

    • Ability to generate departure notices

    • Cost-optimized, extendable solution platform

    • Highly experienced and skilled team of consultants ensuring timely and quality deliverables

    • Strong development, release, deployment and configuration management practices

    • In-house QA services to keep the quality of the deliverables very high

    • Extensive documentation across all delivery processes

    • Greater ROI on client’s investment

    Trip Scheduling: The transportation to and from the event was configured, which involved configuration and management of vehicles, drivers, attendants, guests and their companions and their travel between any two locations pertaining to the event, like from the airport to the hotel and so on.
  3. Drive Tracking: Eternus Solutions team delivered a custom user interface for selection of specific metrics to provide a real time drive performance tracking and store favorite selections for easy reuse. It involved easy delivery of metrics via a public URL in both HTML and XML format. Reports can be exported to Excel/ CSV. Reports are viewable by non-Salesforce users.

  4. Vehicle Grid: Vehicle grid graph was configured to provide a graphical representation of assigned vehicles for the events with event details and scheduled timeslots. Users can print this graph in a letter and legal page size.

  5. Departure Notice: This functionality was developed to provide departure information to guests. Users can generate departure notices in PDF format.

In addition to this, it also involved custom development of a mechanism to identify new donors.

Solution Features and Components

  • Configuration of batch upload based reports with real time records received online and from call center forms

  • Customization of campaign (both active and historical) to view results by date range or hour range for a given day

  • Configuration of campaign hierarchy and filter criteria

  • Configuration of privileges to access the reports

  • Configuration of batch upload to match opportunity with existing accounts/ contacts

  • Development of a secondary call to the batch uploads record to update with preference information for reporting

  • Synchronization of the preference through Eloqua and join via matched account/ contact

Development Methodology

  • 3-Step development methodology that consist of developing and testing on the Developer org, deployment on the Developer Sandbox and then moving to the Production

  • Requirements and design documents to start building any new components

  • Extensive usage of Triggers, Visualforce and Classes to write custom logic

  • Intelligent client developed in JavaScript and JQuery library

  • Preparing deployment plans and change sets to migrate the changes once completed

  • Use of Google chart library for vehicle grid

  • Use of local repository SVN and GitHub for configuration management

  • Supports responsive behavior for multiple screen resolution

  • Coding using SFDC standards and best practices

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