SFDC – Real Estate – Custom Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a US-based qualified Real Estate broker, who is focused on providing the highest degree of services and conceivable results in the real estate market. Client’s business strategy is centered on the things that matter to the customers and sell properties to the customers at a precise market rate in the least time.

Business Challenge

Client had developed a solution on Force.com platform to manage property sellers and buyers, and to assist sellers in marketing their property and selling it for the highest possible price under the best terms. The client needed some additional functionalities to be developed within the existing solution for managing Listing Agent type of account.

Eternus Solutions was commissioned to design and develop additional capabilities and related enhancements on the Force.com based existing solution. This included development of an Account Tabbing application, which would be used by the client’s employee.

The objectives of the project were as listed below:

  • Development of Account Console to display overview of customer’s requirement processing status

  • Capability to enter old mortgage and lien information

  • Capability to enter information of old as well as current owner of property

  • Generate opportunity in line with requirements

  • Capability to enter contact information of old as well as current homeowner

  • Capability to enter the property details and display comparisons of last three property sale

  • Capability to link received documents of the property

  • Capability to update the status of the customer’s requirement

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • CSS

Development Methodology

  • Development and testing on the Developer Sandbox and moving to the Production Org

  • Extensive use of Visualforce pages, apex triggers, related lookup filters, custom buttons,field sets and validation rules

  • Deployment plans and change sets to migrate the changes once completed

  • Use of standard objects viz. Opportunity and Contact to develop customized Visualforce pages

  • Development using SFDC standards and best practices

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions was engaged with the client in the capacity of an Offshore-based Delivery Center, collaboratively taking care of the entire design, development and deployment process.

Account Console

  • An Account Console functionality was developed to display an overview of customer’s property details and to provide him opportunities in line with the requirements.

  • A Visualforce page to display Account overview was developed which included address of the property, property occupancy status, foreclosure hearing and sale dates.


  • Lien functionality was developed using Visualforce page to display all old as well as current lien information, which included lienholder name, contact information, account number and the balance amount.


  • Opportunity functionality was developed using a Visualforce page to display and link opportunities suitable to the customer’s requirement.

  • User can select a primary opportunity for the customer. User could create more opportunities for customers from the website of America’s most dedicated short sale experts.

  • User can send email to the Account owner to know more about the opportunity.

Business Benefits

  • Ability to log each step of sale transaction

  • Ability to track associated received documents

  • Ability to create opportunity from USA’s most dedicated short sale experts

  • Ability to display property marketing information as well as last three sales comparison

  • The Contact functionality was developed using a Visualforce page and standard Contact object fields, which would display information of old as well as current homeowners.

  • User can add more contacts for the property, which could be another point of contact, referring agent, tenant, attorney and portal user.


  • Property functionality was developed using a Visualforce page to display property layout, which included property detailing and comparison of last three property sales details with sold prices, sold date and sale type.

  • Property marketing detail section encompassed neighborhood name, detail of property area in square feet, total number of bedrooms, description of property condition and type of property viz. short sale or full value.


  • Document functionality was developed to track received documents for the related property transaction. The user can link received documents with the account by selecting through the provided pick lists.

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