SFDC – Real Estate – Marketing Cloud Implementation _ Customization – Success Story

Client Overview

  • Client is a leading US-based real estate provider, serving property owners, renters and property managers across the country

Business Challenge

  • Client has been a strong advocate of using technology as a means to connect and service its customers better

  • Client needed to implement a new strategy to stay connected with its existing customers while engaging both the new and old customers in different, meaningful ways throughout their engagement with the client

    • For this purpose, client wanted to be able to automate the customer journey on its portals and websites

    • Client also wanted to power personalized content through different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, to name a few

  • Client needed a new strategy for evaluating the strength of its leads and take strategic actions accordingly

  • Client also wanted to track parameters like landing Page Visits, no. of Clicks etc. in order to segment its customers

  • Furthermore, client wanted to create email blasts based on set business rules. These emails needed to be mobile-compatible.

Technical Requirements

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Visualforce

  • ExactTarget

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business requirements and created a new marketing strategy for them, keeping social media and mobility at the forefront

  • Eternus Solutions created various campaigns that led to high-value interactions and engagements with their customers. These campaigns differed in lifecycle and were tailored to suit different customer types, based on geographies, age group and potential business value

  • Personalized Experience: Each of its prospects and customers could choose how the client contacted them and had the ability to update their profiles

  • Feedback Center: Client also introduced a feedback center within its customer portal, encouraging unbiased feedback from the customers

  • Integration of Digital Channels for better customer Service: Eternus Solutions integrated all the digital channels for the client, including email, Facebook and Twitter, to collate all customer feedback, review, comments and opinions under a single, unified view and be able to respond to them on respective channels from within that unified portal

  • Mobile Content: In order to address client’s need to reach its customers and prospects no matter where they are, Eternus Solutions created mobile-enabled email blasts and news templates, to connect with the customers at the right time

  • Eternus Solutions implemented lead nurturing and lead scoring campaigns to enable client’s sales team to take correct steps at each stage of the sales cycle

  • Eternus Solutions team also helped the client in creating and leveraging interactive videos and other relevant material for reaching out to relevant prospects and engaging them

  • Real time integration with Google Analytics to maintain and track Key Performance Indicators associated with project popularity

  • Monitor crucial Campaign parameters such as Landing Page Visits, no. of Clicks etc. in order to segment customers as High Net worth Individuals and Regular based on the projects that they visit and show interest in

  • Track and monitor Campaign ROI by tracking the required KPIs

Solution Components

  • Requirement analysis and synthesis along with the client team

  • Use of the out-of-the-box (OOTB)features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Customize the Marketing cloud platform as and when required to meet the client requirements

  • Custom development to meet the requirements not covered through OOTB implementation and customization

  • Email blasts and targeted emails using ExactTarget Fuel API

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