SFDC – Real Estate – SAP Integration using iBOLT – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a leading India-based real-estate conglomerate dealing in the residential and commercial properties.

Business Challenge

  • The client was using SAP as their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution but wanted to manage their customer services more effectively and efficiently

  • The client needed the integration of his SFDC and SAP R3 systems and wanted support towards it

Technical Requirements

  • iBOLT – Enterprise Application Integration Suite 3.2 SP3

  • SAP R3

  • Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition

Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions reviewed the business objectives and implemented a two-way integration process between client’s SFDC and SAP R3 systems using iBOLT as the tool.

It enabled the users to manage their customer service requirements like –

  • Case management

  • Lead management

  • Customer acquisitions

  • Payment details

  • Installments due dates

  • Access to the customer portal from within the SFDC system

Implementation Methodology

  • SAP was used to maintain all property information, sales orders, customer data, accounting information and payment transaction details

  • SFDC was used to maintain all customer related information that was required to be visible in the customer portal and for customer representation for Relationship Managers, lead and campaigns for the marketing team, cases raised by customers, property details of the customers and payments details

  • iBolt 3.2 was used for the two-way integration between SAP and SFDC

  • Whenever any new Opportunity is created upon Lead conversion, it triggers a new customer and Sales Order in SAP

  • Any Cancel/ Transfer/ Swap operation on an Order performed in SAP triggers an update in SFDC

  • All workflows and customer communication regarding payment due date reminders, case management and campaign notifications are done from SFDC

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