SFDC – Travel – Marketing Cloud Implementation _ Customization – Success Story

Client Overview

  • Client is a leading US-based travel services provider, providing value for money flight and hotel bookings and car rental services to its customers across the country

Business Challenge

  • Client wanted to use email communication to provide timely and meaningful information

  • Client also wanted to give its users the flexibility and option to choose how they receive alerts and news: via email, in-app messages or SMS

  • Furthermore, the client wanted to develop personalized email touch points that span the customer journey

  • Additionally, the client wanted to develop and implement customized campaigns for its customers

Technical Requirements

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Visualforce

  • ExactTarget

  • Apex

Solution Strategy

  • Eternus Solutions reviewed the client’s business requirements and created a new marketing strategy for them, keeping email and mobility at the forefront

  • Eternus Solutions created various customized campaigns that led to high-value interactions and engagements with their customers. These campaigns were both promotional and value-driven in nature.

  • Eternus Solutions team configured a mechanism for each user to choose how they were contacted by the client

    Integration of Digital Channels for better customer Service: Eternus Solutions integrated all the digital channels for the client, including email, Facebook and Twitter, to collate all customer feedback, review, comments and opinions under a single, unified view and be able to respond to them on respective channels from within that unified portal

  • Additionally, Eternus Solutions team worked together with the client team and helped them create personalized, relevant content based on the bookings of the users

Solution Components

  • Requirement analysis and synthesis along with the client team

  • Use of the out-of-the-box (OOTB)features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Customize the Marketing cloud platform as and when required to meet the client requirements

  • Custom development to meet the requirements not covered through OOTB implementation and customization

  • Email blasts and targeted emails using ExactTarget Fuel API

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