SFDC – Utilities – Communities Portal GÇô Implementation and Development – Success Story

Client Overview

The client is a Europe-based water distributor and supplier, responsible for distribution of water and management and regulation of water supply, along with related maintenance work in the area.

Business Challenge

  • The client was responsible for supply and monitoring of water distribution in the locality. For this purpose, client was storing information in a third party system RapidExtra. The client wanted to implement Salesforce Communities to replicate this functionality within the Salesforce environment.

  • The Salesforce Communities-based implementation needed to have the following features:

    • Access to customers to customer and property information

    • A mechanism for end users (citizens of the locality) to log complaints for leakage, interruptions in water supply and other such complaints and monitor the progress of their complaints

    • Integration between RapidExtra and Salesforce communities for pulling the data available in RapidExtra

    • A mechanism for end users to see data pertaining to water usage, consumption and billing (latest bill, previous bills, payments options) etc.

    • A mechanism to issue and alert its users regarding Water Alerts, including, but not limited to interruption in services, maintenance and cleaning

    • A mechanism to publish FAQs to reduce the number of queries from the end users

    • A mechanism to view billing information such as latest bill, previous bills, current payment options, contract length and transaction history

    • Integration with external systems for data presentation and water alerts and news

    • Value Added Services for end users such as Water Efficiency Audits and leakage fixes

    • A mechanism for end users to review consumption and billing data

    • Ability to live chat with client support team

  • Additionally, the Client needed to refurbish its existing website and add features like responsiveness, mobile-compatibility and other dynamic features

Technical Requirements

  • Visualforce

  • Apex

  • Salesforce Communities

  • Site.com

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery


Solution Strategy

Eternus Solutions reviewed the objectives and worked with the client to implement a single community to aggregate data from various external systems by leveraging the Salesforce Communities and Visualforce as the implementation technology stack. This implementation included the following:

  • View consolidated billing and invoice information

  • Display water alerts relevant to properties along with details

  • Provision of capability to raise and monitor cases

  • Water alerts through external web services, triggers, classes and Visualforce page

  • Email and SMS notifications for water alerts

  • Third Party Integration using external web services for After Hours support

  • Configuration of new page layouts, profiles and flows for implementation of requisite functionality.

  • Data Model changes, configuration of roles and profiles to align the business process

  • Use of Site.com for refurbishing the existing static website into a responsive, dynamic and mobile-friendly state-of-the-art website

Development Methodology

  • Create updated data model in sandbox

  • Build new business process triggers, classes and Visualforce pages

  • Test with input from client end users

  • Functionality release to Full Copy Sandbox upon successful tests

  • Functionality release to Production upon successful FCS tests

  • Development using SFDC standards and best practices

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